5 advices for a successful web shop in 2022

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In our last article we covered Top 4 platforms to start your web shop in 2022, however there is more needed for a truly successful online business. So, you’ve decided on the platform, built attractive web shop and added the products. We bring you 5 advices to keep in mind in your future development and planning.

1.Choose a practical and scalable platform to create a web store

Before elaborating on functionality, design or tips for attracting and retaining customers, it is essential to arrange the foundations well, that is, choose a good platform for creating a web store.

2. Do an analysis of the competition and position in the market

A lot of traders answer the question “Who is your competition” with “We don’t have much competition”. This answer is always inaccurate, especially on the Internet – the competition is huge. It needs to be identified, find its advantages in terms of assortment, design or functionality of web stores and promotional channels and make the most of them.

3. Digital marketing investment strategy

In an online store, digital marketing is not something that can improve sales, but an activity that is necessary for good web store results. The advice is definitely to form an internal team or hire external specialists.

4.Optimization for mobile devices

Depending on the industry, from 50 to as many as 70% of customers buy online via mobile phone. Web store managers are advised to look at the figures in Google Analytics and will certainly support this information.
That’s why web stores need to be adapted for mobile browsing, even if it means additional financial investment – it’ll be worth it. 

5. Find the line between big and over-choice

Web stores with too wide assortment of products that are difficult to connect rarely do well with customers (except for a few exceptions that are branded just as such). Selling everything from a needle to a locomotive is confusing for customers, and expensive for retailers to advertise. And often, unfortunately, it ends with a lot of effort and time invested in adding a new assortment, but the sales results do not justify this. 

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