Eclectic versus Glamour

Eclectic versus Glamour

Author, Model, Stylist : Paula Rusu @paula__radu

Clothing styles can be divided into many ways and each designer always comes up with their
own version. Therefore, the clothing style is something subjective and we cannot remember an
exact number of clothing styles or an exact border between them. We have the freedom to
experiment as we want, as long as we take into account certain basic characteristics.

Eclectic Clothing Style

When we use elements from several clothing styles together in an outfit, we actually use the
eclectic style. As the name suggests, eclectic refers to the one who gathers opinions from
different fields and keeps only the most advantageous ones.
In the eclectic style, we choose garments that define or attract us and combine them as we
want, as long as put together they still create a pleasant image.
In order to get a perfect eclectic combination we should take into account a few details:
The elements must match each other in color and texture.
We should use the rule of 3. It is not advisable to mix more than three styles.
It is a style more suitable for the day than for the evening.
A few examples used for years are jeans with striped jackets, a classic shirt worn together with
sprty trousers, pleated skirts with sneakers, matching sneakers with classy jackets, etc.
Accessories can be the ones that completely change the style. An idea might be to choose an
outfit in a single clothing style and then change one of the main pieces with something
completely in contrast.
This is the style of dressing in which we cannot make mistakes. It allows us to put our personal
imprint on each outfit, which is why it is sometimes defined as a non-style.

The eclectic style is the one we use when we build our personal style. So, this is the style that
reflects your personal attitude, your way of thinking and what you want to show to the world.

Glamour Fashion Style

If through our combinations we obtain a completely feminine image, then we are already
moving from the eclectic style to the glamorous one.
The glamorous style can be defined as a version of the eclectic style, only it does not allow us so
much freedom. The secret is that we can combine anything we want as long as we keep the
feminine and elegant image at the end. Basically, we give up the sports elements or with
predominant masculine energy.
The glamour style has to express only feminine energy, which allows us to wear it both during
the day and in the evening and is ideal when we feel that we use too much masculine energy
and want to heal our feminine energy. It will force us to behave as such and will remind us to
regain our femininity.
A few well-known combinations are the summer dress with cowboy boots and leather jacket,
the pleated skirt with a classic sweater, or the combination of leather with fur, to which is
usually added a shirt.
How to obtain a glamorous outfit:
Using neutral colors, in combination with gold or silver.
Wearing pieces from the basic wardrobe, which we can be combined with something
A simple daily outfit, to which we can add evening accessories.
A casual outfit to which we add elegant accessories such as a large boron hat, a shawl, an
elegant belt, a pair of lace gloves, etc.
The most important tip is to use the proportions correctly. 2/3 of the outfit should be feminine
(dress with ruffles, lace, a fur coat, a skirt, and a pair of heeled shoes, etc.). 1/3 can be a piece of
the basic wardrobe.

Most importantly, if we do not feel that we can handle it when it comes to combining several
styles, it is better to experiment only at home and stick to one classic style of clothing for the
beginning. The classic version never goes out of style.
If we wear something that we do not feel comfortable with, it will make us feel insecure about
ourselves, and soon after we will also transmit our insecurity to others.
Also, if for the moment we want to wear a certain style and still do not have all the necessary
clothing pieces, we can replace the missing element with something else, as long as it is
something simple and easy to overlook. Let’s not forget that styles are malleable, and we put
our personal mark on them.

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