Evergreen classic clothes or the very latest trends

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Should I wear something classic or check out the very latest trends? This is the question we ask ourselves from time to time and especially when we choose our outfit for a special occasion. And yet is it better to wear what’s always on trend or stick to classic clothes?

classic clothes
Why we love evergreen classic clothes

When we refer to classic clothes, we’re referring more to those clothes that were fashionable decades ago, and still are now. Most of them are wardrobe staples, that fit into your basic wardrobe.

Classic clothes are not vintage clothes, but clothes that were once in trend, and have remained in our attention even afterwards, because they are embodied in basic clothing styles, have simple cuts, neutral colors and can be used in the composition of many different types of outfits.

classic clothes

Why do we like classic clothes?
– they can be worn at any age, and we can even keep them for many years in a row
-doesn’t put us in a certain social category
-they’re perfect when we’re uninspired and still want to look stylish
-we can combine them with anything

However, we have to keep in mind when wearing classic style clothes not to obtain an outdated image and convey a stiff energy. However, new versions of clothes in classic designs are always being created, so we can choose a newer version that keeps a classic image, so that we don’t have to hide ripped or yellowed fabrics and faded colors. 

What about the very latest trends?

When we continually wear clothes that are always on trend, we have the benefit of always having a new and fresh energy.

Trends can be short, usually for one season, and longer lasting for many years. Long trends can turn certain clothes into classic pieces. One example are skinny jeans.
Trends are usually generated by famous designers or superstars and then picked up by smaller designers and other stars. Only then do they reach influencers and fashion enthusiasts; and eventually they are worn by consumers. This process can take up to 5 years.


When we like to wear what’s on trend, we need to know that we won’t be the only ones dressing a certain way. There will be many other people with the same outfit, which will make us lose our uniqueness and personality.
So, the best option would be after discovering a new trend to check what suits us and take only the elements we resonate with and include them in our personal style.

Classic or in trend?

When we can’t decide what to wear, we need to consider a few details.
Our outfit must match the dress code and location. There are situations when it’s more appropriate to wear something classic, but also places where you’ll bring some colour and positive energy if you show up with something new.

Balance is the key to our inner and outer evolution.
If you stick just to the classics, you will have a stagnant and rigid image, and if you only wear fancy  fashion trends you will have an unstable image. So, the ideal solution would be to combine the two types of clothing pieces and add them to you personal style.

And most importantly, choose your outfit based on what makes you feel good and what suits your personality and lifestyle. Therefore, what do you choose to wear?

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