Interview with Anna Botvinova De Bekkar: Fashzilla’s Model Of The Year


Hi Anna,first of all congratulations on winning the first annual Fashzilla Awards! Could you introduce yourself to our readers?
Hello! First of all, I would love to say how thankful I am for being recognised by the Fashzilla Awards London, and for the work they’ve put in. My name is Anna De Bekkar, and I am an entrepreneur and international model. I have three graduate diplomas. I am also the Doctor of Philosophy, the professor, as well as the Chairman of the International Academy of Real Economy (LARE). I have 15 academic papers published on philosophy, psychology and linguistics. This year only we had taken 23 cover-backs for international magazines, about 30 successful photo stories, numerous shootings, appearances in music videos and walking fashion shows in Milan, Paris and Moscow. I am proud to call myself the Ambassador of such amazing brands as Olga Trubikhova Design, Olga Trubikhova Couture and TSdesign by Tatiana Sukhodoeva. I am a student of the world-renowned fashion show director Valery Sorokovoy, alumni of ZS Beauty School at the Vyacheslav Zaitsev Fashion House. According to “RB Awards” I was also nominated and received the most prestigious 2022 “Person of the Year” award in the “Top Model of the Year” category.

As a model, how do you organise your daily schedule?
I learnt self-discipline from my parents. Since early childhood I’ve been realising that self-discipline is the only way to get things done let alone stick to the plan, otherwise, it would be simply unrealistic. I am always on the move, I don’t have any time to waste, the world can change on a dime.

Do you believe that networking plays an important role in this industry? If yes, what do you do?
I am a great believer in doing what you’re passionate about. Your best advertising would always be the deeds you leave behind hence networking is no more than just a mirror, the way to show it.
For casting, what is your tip for aspiring models? -You have to stick to your personality, be yourself. Uniqueness and individuality are your best friends – remember that!

What modelling work are you most proud of? Why?
Words couldn’t describe how much joy any project is bringing to me. The more interesting and challenging it is – the more I get excited about it. They all have their je-ne-sais-quoi. It would be a bad service for me to pick one, I simply cannot choose. I love them all in a special way, and I am looking forward to the new projects!

Where do you see in 5 years?
That would definitely be something out of the ordinary.

Model: @annadebekkar
Fashion: @olga_trubikhova.brand
Fashion: @tatiana_sukhodoeva
MUA: @mari_kudri
Retoucher: @vayshnur_retouch
Photo: @levifan
Photo: @farid_almukhametov
Via @officialkavyar

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