Introducing Rosie Minako: A Journey of Resilience, Elegance, and Success in the World of Modeling


In the dazzling world of fashion and modeling, Rosie’s story stands out as a testament to the power of determination and the pursuit of one’s dreams. From her humble beginnings to gracing prestigious magazine covers and walking the red carpet at Cannes, Rosie’s journey is nothing short of inspiring. In this exclusive interview, we delve into the captivating story of how Rosie entered the modeling industry through an unexpected twist of fate. She shares her experiences, challenges, and triumphs along the way.

As we explore Rosie’s approach to preparing for photoshoots and runway shows, we discover her unwavering commitment to excellence. She divulges her secrets to staying focused and centered amidst the nerve-wracking atmosphere of the fashion world. Rosie’s dedication to meditation, fitness, and personal time reveals her inner strength and unwavering positive mindset.

1. Hi Rosie, thank you for taking some time for this interview. Let’s start with some basics; How did you get into modeling?

Good afternoon, Andrea! Thank you so much for featuring me on your Magazine Cover. I got into modeling through a scam in London. They recruited me in the street and asked me to do a photoshoot for a portfolio to submit to agencies. I ended up paying a lot for my portfolio and innocently believing I could get into modelling. 

Life is funny – I felt like the experience was terrible but it was meant to be somehow. I got my first set of pictures in the studio from the scam. That was how it started. It was definitely not the best story but an honest one. I never thought the scam would lead to me competing in Miss Universe, being appointed as pageant judge, walking in fashion weeks and Cannes red carpet, being featured on Vogue, magazine covers and billboards years later! I am simply grateful for the fact that I have met so many amazing people who inspired me, encouraged me and built me up over the years. 

2. Preparing for a photoshoot or runway show can be quite nerve-wracking – how do you personally approach the process and keep yourself focused and centered?

Hard work, commitment and perseverance are the keys to that! I am a all-or-nothing person. I am extremely selective in what I give my time or energy to. I either don’t give my time or commitment. But once I have decided to commit to an assignment, whether it is a fashion show or a magazine project, I give all my heart and soul, and make sure I do my very best. 

Meditation, daily fitness routine and having ‘me’ time also help me to stay focused and maintain a positive attitude in my hectic schedule. 

3. You’ve done some amazing shoots throughout your career – can you share with us one or two that really stand out to you as particularly special or memorable?

Thank you so much. I honestly am not happy with where I am career wise. The lady model friends around me are incredibly accomplished in comparison with myself. I still have miles to go before I will get to where I want to be. 

But I do love the Cappadocio shoot where I am riding a horse in an evening gown under the hot air balloon a lot! I also love the Venice boat shoot with a beautiful couture dress playing the violin. 

4. Fashion trends are always changing and evolving – what are some current styles and looks that you’re particularly excited about?

I am a huge advocate on Elegance. I am never a fan of patterns, logos or trends such as chasing after brands or flashy clothes in neon colours. I am a very subtle and simple person. I love the timeless, elegant, classy style that doesn’t catch too much attention in the street, but just at the right amount to make you light up the entire room when you walk in. 

Also, I value quality above anything. To me, it doesn’t matter where the clothing is from, branded or unbranded. The most important is the fabric, stitches and details are in exquisite high quality. Yes, I am fastidious to details and I pay lots of attention to very small details. Fabric quality and colour combination are extremely important to me. 

Also, it is extremely important to me that one wears clothes with the right attire to the situation, not underdressed or overdressed. For example, wearing a couture dress in a ball gala but wearing sports clothes during horse practice. I was brought up in a strict family that values a lot on etiquette. Therefore, dressing appropriately with the appropriate accessories and makeup is extremely important. In short, it doesn’t matter what you wear as long as it is appropriate to the occasion, fits your personal style and matches your skin colour from the colour wheel. To me, nothing is more important than being ‘put together’ whenever you are because this is a respect you show to yourself and to the others.

5. The fashion industry can be quite competitive and high-pressure at times – how do you maintain a positive mindset and stay grounded in yourself and your values?

I have realised from my modeling career that your looks, body shape and height is not unimportant but it is not the main factor that determines how successful in your career. What is important is how you carry yourself, with confidence and with modesty. 

I always remain respectful in every situation, even at times I am being critised. Being able to take every critism with grace and ease is what modelling has taught me over the years. Also, I always form a connection with everyone I meet at work and get to know them in person. That means I always remind myself to offer something on the table, such as helping a designer to get into a show and sharing my network, rather than thinking about what they can do for me. It is important to treat everyone with respect as a human being rather than seeing them as a ‘business opportunity’. Always share your network – don’t be stingy on that! Indeed, you will be surprised: when you take the initiative to offer something to others, sometimes they offer three times in return.

With gratitude and generosity, always carry out acts of kindness such as buying someone a coffee or offering a small gift as a thank you. This is what makes you memorable, different and stand out from all other models in the competitive industry. Believe me, most models in the industry are not that real and authentic, and often times only think of their own benefits. When you have a pure soul, stay true to yourself, be kind and generous always, you will win! People will remember you and you will be a catch. 

6. For aspiring models who are just starting out, what advice or tips would you give them to help them navigate the industry and build their careers?

I didn’t start modeling until I was 25. I have only been modeling for 3 years. When I tell people about that, they don’t believe in it. They thought I have been doing it since I was young. But no, it’s actually only been 3 years. So my advice to girls who want to start out their modeling career is to move to London: You will get the opportunity to do more modeling work than what a model from another country would do in her whole life in just 3 years! London is an incredible place if you want to become a professional model.

Starting modelling as an Eurasian who is no longer at her teens is definitely not so easy, as most brands in Europe look for European models and most models here begin their career very young. People often only see the success side of my story but that doesn’t mean I have no setbacks. I have encountered countless heartbreaks in my career, such as being rejected by brands and fashion shows or not being placed in beauty pageants. There have also been people who told me I started my career too late and modelling is not for me, and that I should continue my path as a businesswoman instead. However, I never gave up. Moreover. I always stand up for my believes and incorporate my values into my work. For example, I’m a huge advocate for vegan products. In the past, I have turned down brands that offerred me good salary for campaigns but involved animal cruelty in their production, due to my ethics and my principles. 

So if I could give you an advice, it would be ‘believe in yourself, always cherish every opportunity – no matter how small it is, and never do anything that comprises your values’.

7. Looking ahead, what are some of your future goals and aspirations for your modeling career?

In the future, I want to focus on my business so that will be my main priority. I will still continue to model alongside but that will not be my focus. I will probably only walk in fashion weeks and attend events, but not too much on the photoshoot side. 

I also want to dedicate more time in singing, songwriting and getting prepared for my dressage competition, which is taking up a lot of my time. 

8. Are there any upcoming projects or collaborations that you’re particularly excited about or looking forward to?

Walking on the Red Carpet of Cannes Opening Ceremony is what I look forward to the most. Otherwise, I have lots of campaigns planned for my perfume, equestrian and beauty business – but those are more like work and stress, rather than enjoyment. 

9. Finally, how do you balance your modeling career with your personal life and other interests or passions outside of the industry? What do you like to do in your free time to unwind and recharge?

I am honestly struggling to find time for myself. I feel like especially for the past 12 months, I’m every week in a different country. I always try to set up regular meets with my close friends but always ending up only seeing them once every other month. It is really difficult to maintain face-to-face friendships. 

I spend most of my free time in the yard. I love being around horses because they have such immense healing power. I always feel so relaxed around them. Horse-riding is definitely my passion. I am currently getting prepared to go to Germany for dressage competition – I look forward to that! Finally, I love writing songs and recording my album. Unfortunately, I haven’t had much time for that but hopefully I can dedicate more time for that in the coming year.

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