No Inspiration Outfit

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When we prepare for an important event in our lives, one of the things we think about beforehand is what to wear. And we often think so much on how to find our perfect outfit that we run out of inspiration.

Therefore, when you’ve run out of inspiration or don’t have much time but want to look gorgeous, if you focus on a few basic steps you can get quick your perfect no inspiration outfit.

no inspiration outfit

What to do when we don’t have inspiration for the perfect outfit.

  1. Relax. We’ve already put too much pressure on what we wear and put our clothes on a pedestal making the outfit impossible to achieve.
  2. Focus 10 minutes on something else, but make it creative. Maybe redecorate a corner of your room, prepare a beautifully ornate plate or even watch a tutorial on clothing styling.
  3. Now go to your closet without wasting too much time and keeping in mind the place, time and dress code of the event you have to attend, choose the first clothes that appear in front of you.
  4. Choose an outfit as simple as possible in one or two pieces maximum, because if you find yourself too focused on the event you have to attend, you might tend to overload your outfit with something special. So, keep things simple and stick to wardrobe basics. You can choose something monochrome to look more stylish.
  5. Now, after putting on your clothes, spice up your outfit with accessories. And since it’s a big event for you, heels are sure to fit, smaller or bigger depending on the situation.
no inspiration outfit

What should i do when I do not know what to wear?

  1. Where do you go? What you have to do. When you have to be there.
  2. Circumstances, weather, your health. For example, if you have a bit of a cold, your health is more important wherever you go, so dress a bit thicker and don’t forget to cover your neck, chest and other sensitive areas. Also if you’re on your period, it’s important to feel comfortable. If you don’t feel comfortable on the inside this will reflect also on the outside.
  3. What do you want to express? Do you want to look serious, approachable, feminine or unapproachable?
    This is where you need to take into account the feminine and masculine energy of your outfit as well as the right clothing styles.  
  4. Also, don’t forget to accentuate your silhouette and use the right colours for you. 
  5.  Accessories. The center of attention. Keep in mind to check your outfit with o photo before leaving the house.
  6. Your personal mark and attitude.

When you need more inspiration for your outfits, remember that you wear your clothes, not them you. So, no matter what clothes you put on they will look great on you if you wear them with self-love and confidence.

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