Paula Rusu: How to refresh your seasonal wardrobe and mood

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Every new season comes with a change. An end and a beginning. This change can be seen both, in our outward appearance and in our inner state.

At the beginning of a new season, we look for the right clothes in our closets. But every few years we get tired of wearing the same outfits and looking as if we have a uniform. It might feel boring and a little depressing. We could completely change our seasonal wardrobe every season, but we might be left with a hole in our budget; plus some clothes still fit and look good on us. So, the solution would be to refresh our seasonal wardrobe and our personal state of mind without having to give up old clothes, but at the same time not look the same as last year and like two years ago and like…

Beside this, the perfect outfit is all about making everything you put on look stylish.

Your outfit should look like you’ve taken the time to take care of your look, but you haven’t spent hours just looking for what to wear. Just as if it were natural, but you still have that something extra for everyone to look at.

How to improve your inner and outer image every season

What not to do! Throw away all the clothes from past years and renew your entire wardrobe. It is not necessary.

What to do! First gather all your clothes for next season together. Unless it’s something old, broken, brings back unpleasant memories or makes you feel cheap, depressed and unworthy. Those throw away.

Then divide the rest of the clothes according to the style or purpose for which you are using them. For example, clothes for the evening, clothes for going out, gym clothes etc. Each group divides it again into one or more (depending on how many clothes you have) capsule wardrobes. Dividing clothes into smaller pieces makes it easier to mix them up and create new combinations. Try looking for outfit combinations you’ve never worn before. This is a small change that will take you out of your comfort zone. It will keep your mind busy and also stimulate your creativity.

Now add to your outfit a big colorful piece or a print, if your outfit looks to simple, or if your outfit is to overdressed change a element with a basic one.

As the seasons change, it’s not just the weather and the clothes we wear that change, but also our mood. And if when the start of the warm season approaches, we are hit by a wave of optimism, motivation and desire for liberty and space, once the cold season begins, things might be the other way around. Cold and nasty weather can make us feel easily depressed, careless and forget to get out of our comfort zone and monotony.

In summer to keep us present  and grounded we can integrate into our outfit some serious and masculine elements, but for the winter we can take into account several details to keep our mood positive.

We can use an item we wear in a completely different season. Maybe a floral print jumpsuit to wear in fall or spring over a plain shirt and why not also a slimmer, loose sweater to wear on cooler summer days with shorts.

Look in your closet for something funny and childish, even from high school-time. This item will bring a youthful energy to your outfit and make you feel young again.

Add a strong colour. It can even be also an accessory. It helps keeping your attitude positive and gives you motivation and self confidence.

When it’s cold, and we dress thick we tend to get sloppy and this can be seen not only in our look but also in the way we behave. So it’s important to keep our proportions and not give up on the sexier lingerie and clothes that flatter our bodies. We’ll feel better in our bodies.

Multi-layered outfits help you look and feel more active and dynamic, and in winter it’s only right to add more layers to your outfit. Plus you’ll be able to have more variations of your outfit and your energy won’t stagnate.

9 more tips to refresh and style your wardrobe every season

First of all start with something simple, basic, but of course according to the styling rules suitable for you (colors, body type) and corresponding to the place and purpose for which you wear this outfit.

1. Keep your old outfits but change the accessories. This is how it will look completely fresh.

2. Add to the outfits you already know one single more extravagant or evening item, such as a shiny belt or elegant shoes, maybe even pearls.

3. Restyle a part of your old wardrobe. The clothes will get a new energy, and you will be able to get new outfits combinations too.

4. Style a basic piece in your original way. For example, wear the shirt back to front or add a scarf to a pair of simple jeans.

5.  Add a classic piece just like a jacket, a belt, a vest or a pair of stiletto shoes

6. Mix feminine and masculine clothes

7. Keep your proportions

8. Make sure your clothes are clean, have no tears and fit well. A sloppy outfit is never stylish.

9. Don’t forget to refresh your hairstyle and make-up from time to time. They can make all the difference.

Tip secret: at the end add your personal attitude and your unique stamp. This changes every simple outfit in a special one. So, if you want that unique, perfect styled look, don’t forget to style your image both from the outside and from the inside.

The best clothes are the one that make you feel good in your own skin, and in order to always become a better version of yourself you need to constantly bring something new to your wardrobe but also to your mental state and playing with clothes is a great way to make constantly small changes.

Author, Model, Stylist : Paula Rusu @paula__radu  

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Photos by C?t?lin Popescu @photosbycatalin

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