Photo shoot Outfit versus Daily Outfit

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Even if you don’t work in the fashion industry and aren’t used to flashes and spotlights, at some point you may want to attend a photo shoot. Whether it’s your wedding photos, a family photo shoot or a session with your pet, at least once in your life you’ll get in front of the camera.
Therefore you should know that one of the most important things in preparing for a photo shoot is your outfit.

What should you wear for your photo shoot outfit?

A photo shoot outfit is not a same with your daily outfit. The first thing you need to know is that what looks best on the street might not be at all suitable for a photo shoot, might be too overdressed or might go unnoticed, while the outfits used for a photo shoot might be too extravagant for your daily outfits.

Secondly, you should bear in mind that everything looks sharper and clearer in a photo. That’s why your make-up and silhouette also need to be more accentuated. If there is no special theme, then remember that you are the focus point of the photo, so you need to mark your space well and give as much volume as possible to your image.

Therfore, in addition to the position you have in the picture, you can also help yourself with materials, make-up, hair and even your silhouette.

Make-up should be more consistent and accentuated. This is where contouring is needed because there is no movement in the photo.

Hair should be styled, but it’s better to never pin it all up because you can use it to create more dynamic shots.

photoshootoutfit versus dailyoutfit

Other secret fashion styling tips

DON’T wear too much or too many layers, as you won’t have freedom of movement. Plus in the photo, you might not be able to differentiate each element. Instead you can wear these outfits when you go out.
Often something simple looks better because it doesn’t outshine you. The same applies to the materials you use. If the clothes are looser you can move better and use the material to achieve different positions. At the same time, if you have a lot of material around, you risk getting lost in it.

Avoid pearlescent and shiny colours in both your photoshoot outfit and makeup. The brighter or more artificial the light (evenings, studio, different light decorations), the brighter the colours should be but if they flicker the light will reflect itself. Shadows will appear and you may look old and sad.
Sometimes you can break the rules of combining colours, clothing styles or textures if overall you get a harmonious look. It is a photo shoot outfit. But do this not for your daily outfits. To check this, it is best to first try to see how it looks in a picture on your phone.

Avoid also using too many accessories. They can create shadows and distract you…But always keep a larger and more visible one (a hat, a scarf, gloves, blouse with collar, dress with train, etc.). This will be your focus and you can play with it to create more special shots.

And if you’re nervous at first and don’t know where to start, this will help you get into the mood. As for footwear, considering you’re not moving around much, you can use something more extravagant. A pair of heels will always highlight your body shape better and bring out your attitude.
However, don’t wear or put on anything that doesn’t make you feel comfortable. The emotion on your face is the first thing that shows in the picture.

What else do you need to know

In addition to a perfect outfit and a great pose, your personality shows in the picture too.
So when you’re getting your outfit ready for a photo shoot, don’t forget to „dress up” yout inner self too.
Rest beforehand, drink plenty of water and listen to a happy tune.
What’s more, you should start thinking, behaving and, above all, feeling exactly how you want to look in the photos before the shoot.

You can even use these little tricks in your social media photos. So, no matter what you’re wearing, start feeling beautiful and confident right now.

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