Sustainable fashion for the future: Where to buy and sell second hand clothes online?

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The concept of sustainable fashion or “slow” fashion today goes back to a much deeper issue than that related exclusively to the fashion world. The negative consequences that mass production and so-called fast fashion have left, are more visible day by day. With clothes, aesthetics have come to the fore, so slow fashion is in the background, and besides mass production, cheap labor is also suffering, which is increasingly popular with famous fashion houses.


The story of sustainable fashion thanks to younger generations turned from a quiet whisper to a global protest, so high street fast fashion brands also faltered, frantically recycling everything that came their way and sticking “eco-friendly” labels on the clothes they sell. Second-hand shops and flea markets have been blooming around the world for decades as the first line of defense of the environment against the shameless textile industry.


In this article, we bring you hand-chosen online platforms where you can buy AND sell second-hand clothing and make your contribution to a more sustainable future is a unique way to shop preloved items online. Unlike other online marketplaces, at you can buy multiple items from different sellers and get them delivered to you reliably in one parcel with one shipping fee. They combine the convenience of online shopping with the exciting selection, prices, and ecology of a massive flea market.


If you want to sell the items you don’t need anymore, by using Netflea you’ll save most of the hassle compared to a typical online marketplace. You don’t have to worry about answering questions related to individual items, sending each item to a different buyer, returning, or relisting returned items. All this is taken care of for you anonymously by Most importantly, however, with you can reach a huge international buyer community with one easy-to-use service.




Thrift+ was founded to make the charity shopping experience as good as the best online clothes retailers, ensuring fewer clothes end up in landfills.


The founder, Joe Metcalfe, left his job in 2014 with the mission of bringing charity shops online. In 2015, he built & launched the UK’s first Click & Collect app for high street charity shops. Thrift+ is the way to help clean up the fashion industry, bring the fun back to buying new clothes, and create a circular economy that reduces waste and builds a more sustainable future.




In 2008, Milda was moving house but had too many clothes to take with her. Justas offered help and built a website to give away her clothes to friends. Soon enough, the media wanted in, too. The duo knew they were on to something – Vinted was born.


Sell what you don’t wear or hunt for rare finds – the world of pre-loved has long moved out of charity shops. They have a growing community of more than 50 million who are on a mission to make the second-hand first choice.

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