TABU: Period Days Styling

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During period time, we get used to being out of shape physically and mentally and choose our outfits accordingly. They say we should only wear loose, dark clothes and avoid doing too much during this period, so by default we won’t need spectacular outfits. But is all this really true?

What to wear and what not to wear during period?

Don’t wear white. This is first and true, because in the event of any little accident you wouldn’t want to feel embarrassed. But that doesn’t mean you can’t also use white on your upper body.
Wear loose clothes and lose the heels.
This is true if in the first days of your period or even before you have back pain, feel bloated and have problems with water retention. You wouldn’t want to look fat or struggle to walk in heels. However, this does not mean that you should neglect your outfit. Focus more on styling rules that suit you, especially colours.

Choose to focus more on accessories than clothes and try to place the focus on the upper body. An extravagant bag or a big hat are some good options.
Use cheerful colours. They’re perfect for improving your mood. Especially during menstruation.
High-waisted trousers will keep you warm in the belly area.
Two-piece and even two-color outfits are more suitable.

Just because you’re on your period doesn’t mean you can’t be sexy. Mini tops or latex tights are not suitable, but you can accentuate the upper body instead, for example with a corset. This will really help you also to prevent back pain.

Don’t wear tight clothes. It might look ugly, and will make you uncomfortable, but you also don’t have to wear pajamas or sweatpants all day. You already feel bloated. You wouldn’t want to look even fatter. Balance is the key.
Compensate by styling your hair nicely, and maybe even try a more accentuated makeup. It will help you feel more beautiful. Especially if it’s something you don’t wear the rest of the days.

What special clothes shoud we wear?

During menstruation we are closer to our femininity, and deeply connect with the karma and energy of all women.
This means we need to pay more attention to our feminine energy. Therefore, it will help us more if we use clothes with feminine energy, and if we don’t feel comfortable wearing dresses or skirts, we can use prints, ruffles or jewellery with feminine energy.

Creative activities help too and stimulate our feminine energy. We can crochet, paint, or even re-stitch some old clothes.

If we have in our wardrobe it would be perfect to wear red and orange pants, underwear, pajamas or even socks. These are the specific colours of the base and sacral chakras. This will help us to get rid of pain in the abdominal area more easily.

Menstruation not only helps us to eliminate negative energy, but also to eliminate toxins from the body, this means that it would be better to change and wash our clothes more often than usual.

Special tip

Try to maintain your daily style. We’ve become accustomed to thinking that there’s something wrong with us at this time of the month, or even that we’re ill, when in fact it’s a natural process.
So, if you keep your usual style of dressing, you’ll get through these days feeling and acting normal.
You can just replace the trousers with a darker pair, the high heels with a ballet flats and the short jacket with an oversized model, but you don’t have to do them all at the same time.

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