This month we binge! What’s new on Netflix this February?


At the beginning of February, we would normally already be paying more and more attention to Oscar nominees and anticipation of the whole ceremony, however divided are opinions about it. This year things are different, we are almost two months away from the Oscars, but despite this, we are looking forward to new movies on Netflix in February. We’ve picked out all kinds of movie and series novelties and singled out the ones we definitely plan to watch. Prepare popcorn for this month’s Netflix binge!


‘Malcolm and Marie’ is one one of the most awaiting films to come. Denzel Washington as a producer, his son John David in a male lead and currently among Hollywood’s biggest young stars – Zendaya as lead actress. Check out exactly what action this unique drama, filmed in secret in lockdown, brings. It’s coming to us on February 5th!


Fans of Swedish books, thrillers and crime novels must mark February 11th. ‘Red Dot’, a new film by Swedish director Alain Darboga, is coming to Netflix. The plot follows a loving couple who go to the mountains for a brief escape from routine. However, in this completely empty landscape begins the psychological play of strangers who begin to target them with firearms. They have to run from their tent into the wild, until they know which side the ‘red dot’ is coming from.


Soon, on February 5th, the Italian drama ‘L’UltimoParadiso’ comes to Netflix and is based on real events. The film mixes forbidden love, resistance and passion in the story of Ciccio Paradis (played by Riccardo Scamarcio, whom we saw in John Wick) who, due to his feelings for Bianca (Gaia Bermani Amaral), the daughter of the mayor, must face a series of troubles.


This crime comedy takes us to Murderville from February 3rd! Terry is a homicide detective, and he’s assisted in solving every case by one celebrity. Guests are Annie Murphy, Conan O’Brien, Ken Jeong, Kumail Nanjiani, Marshawn Lynch and Sharon Stone. They say nothing’s set up and it’s fun because they have no idea what’s going to happen to them. And it sounds like fun, we admit.


A sci-fi comedy set in the future is about artificial intelligence that has imprisoned several people, who are now forced to be together, in the same space. And that’s what causes, says the synopsis, funny and hysterical moments. The screenplay and director is written by Oscar winner Jean-Pierre Jeunet, whom we believe you know by the film Amelie. Coming to Netflix on February 11th


This mini- series deals with Anna, who convinced a major part of New York that she herself was a wealthy heiress. Anna is played by the fantastic Julia Garner, who has already won two Emmys for Ozark. The trailer looks promising, and since we know what Julia is like, we expect a lot.

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